Hospitality as an emerging trend in medical tourism

Hospitality in MT

Medical tourism is emerging as a prime sector contribution a lot towards the social-economical development of various nations. It is enhancing employment opportunities and an increase in foreign exchange earnings, which is helping in uplifting the living standards and growth opportunities in medical tourism destinations. Today, hospitals in medical tourism destinations are well-0eguipped with the latest technology, houses qualified doctors, and experts. These experts can help medical tourists by providing them timely and quality medical treatment at highly affordable prices to patients. Quality treatment and traveling opportunities attract many people to visit medical tourism destinations. Great hospitality is one of…

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Dental Medical Tourism endeavor in Mexico


Dental treatment is a new medical tourism venture in Mexico. This new venture is a result of the productive collaboration of Dentalia Dental Clinics and PlacidWay medical tourism company. They both strive to provide high quality dental treatments to the local and global patients at extremely competitive prices in various states of Mexico. PlacidWay is a leader in the global medical tourism industry, which provides global patients with the latest information and resources regarding international providers of healthcare, treatments, procedures and destinations.  PlacidWay has more than 250 international medical centers in around 30 countries worldwide. Dentalia is located in Mexico…

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Controlled healthcare costs and quality medical care with domestic medical travel


Of late, more and more employers are opting for domestic medical travel programs for their employees, encouraging the latter to visit so called Centers of Excellence (COEs) for specific surgical procedures like those related to cardiac and orthopedic care. These COEs range from small surgical centers to high-end hospitals and offer employers these treatments for less than 50% of what the same would cost with traditional insurance plans. This interest in domestic medical travel is fuelled by increasing health premium costs, reduced transparency and greater awareness of how medical costs and quality can vary from one hospital to another (and…

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Australia: The medical continent


Medical Tourism is spreading all over the world and the way it has reached out to people and how fantastically the industry has boomed would leave anyone gaping. Such is the growth it has attained over the years. Today there is countless number of medical tourism destinations all over the world and in fact, there are even competitions between them, as to who would pull in the most number of tourists every year. The reason as to why medical tourism has grown so much is of many. Some of the most technically advanced and comfortable zones that promote medical tourism…

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