Cayman Islands gets into action for promoting medical tourism

Cayman Islands promoting medical tourism

We can see the boom in Caribbean medical tourism with each passing day. For making it a better place to live in, people at Caribbean are introducing various projects that help in promoting the medical tourism. Medical tourism holds an important place at any place. It not only attracts the people from different countries, but also is add-on to the country, helping it better its healthcare setup. Below is the recent project introduced on the Cayman Island with a purpose to make it a better place and to attract people around the world. Aim to strengthen Cayman’s individuality While the…

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PXM Promoting Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is known for its quality and cost effective treatments in a foreign country. Most of the western patients prefer medical tourism because they do not get this type of treatment in their homelands. The rise of medical tourism helps in the growth and overall development of the destination. The medical tourism industry is rising with a pace and this is all because of the unavailability of these types of treatments in their own countries. According to a report, billions of patients from developed nations move to developing nations in the search of quality and low priced medical care….

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