Tips to budget your medical tourism campaign


Every brand has a financial values no matters what kind of brand it is. This value is directly involved with generating capital and enhancing the financial position of that particular brand. Brand campaigning plays an important role in promoting a brand and enhancing its financial value. However, campaigning and marketing cannot benefit any business without an effective budgeting plan. When we talk about medical tourism marketing, then it also require an effective marketing budgeting in order to maintain its position in the marketplace and attract more people to avail their services. Nowadays, marketing budget demonstrate the motive and purpose of…

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Patient experience management is the key to encouraging medical tourism


The reason that the medical tourism industry all across the world is on an uphill rise is because of the treatment of patients in their respective countries. Maximum number of Americans and Europeans travel abroad looking for medical treatment. It is either because of the negligence meted out to the patients or the repeated costs incurred by the patient to treat the disease. In fact, the healthcare system is also a culprit. The healthcare system prevalent in the US before ObamaCare was failing and the people began looking for answers. Thus, started the outflow of patients from the country and…

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Health fund NIB assures cheap plastic surgery overseas


Many overseas patients who visit Thailand for breast surgery, which is cheaper and is a good experience; however, with the introduction of new measure by NIB finance- the relatively cheaper plastic surgery industry would receive more protection. Health fund NIB targets to remove the anxiety in patients regarding doctors and the probability of unsafe hospitals, as they will now vet the foreign surgeons as well as the hospitals that they work in.  The patients who opt for nibOptions package would receive one-year guarantee after care and if they undergo any complication, then that can be assessed and treated without any…

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Risks involved with medical tourism


While millions of patients move to developed countries each year to experience high quality treatment at low cost. The remarkable growth in the medical tourism sector, numerous facilities are still trying to attract potential medical tourists using unethical practices. The laws and healthcare authoritarian in developed countries are not strict as they are in developed nations. While the medical tourism is old as tourism itself as the for centuries, populations across the globe have been travelling for health care, such as taking several trips to spa town homes to mineral waters that were said to have some healing properties. People…

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