Medical tourists flocking to Philippines for cosmetic dental surgery


Many of the Asian countries have made their mark in the medical tourism industry. They are catering to millions of medical patients from the western countries like USA, Canada and UK. Medical facilities at the developing Asian countries are very low but the quality of treatments offered is excellent to say the least. Two Asian countries, India and Philippines, are among the top medical tourism destinations in the world. Several hundred highly qualified medical specialists and surgeons provide medical consultations, checkups and conduct intricate surgeries in Philippines. The hospitals in Philippines have state of the art facilities to treat medical…

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Medical tourism is beneficial only for people who can afford it


The cost of medical facilities in the developed countries is very high. The governments of these countries are not being able to control the excessive price hikes of different healthcare facilities. The citizens of developed countries are not content with the medical care they are getting in their own country. The healthcare system has reached its saturation point. The average insurance policies do not cover the costs of treatments and surgeries completely but still the citizens have to pay high rates of premium. Due to all these reasons, people have started to travel to the developing countries for getting treatments…

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Vague prices of medical tourism


Medical tourism provides an opportunity to those who want to get a high medical care overseas at affordable prices. Many analysts, hospitals, promoters of trade show and academics have put number of predictions on worldwide gross medical tourism revenue forward. Medical tourism is a wider term and it is as old as tourism itself. It allows people, especially patients to travel overseas in order to get desired or required medical treatment done at highly affordable prices. This includes treatments and surgeries, such as cardiac surgery, dental surgery, organs transplants, joint replacements and several beauty or cosmetic surgeries. However, medical tourism…

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