Cyprus finds its advantage in Israel’s medical tourism industry

Israel’s medical tourism industry

For long Cyprus has been considered as a premier tourist destination. The island is also very popular among retirees who come from all around the world to settle down on its shores. Cyprus also enjoys a strategic location between three major continents that makes it a business hotspot for several firms. Combined with favourable local conditions and all these factors put together, the island has slowly but steadily started carving a niche for itself in the healthcare industry. Medical Tourism and Cyprus The medical tourism industry has been seeing a positive surge in Cyprus owing to many beneficial factors. These…

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Cyprus emerging as prime medical tourism destinations in the region


Geographically speaking, Cyprus is ideally located at the crossroads between the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa and therefore very easily accessible. A little known fact is that travellers would visit Cyprus to be treated by Crpriot doctors as far back as 9500 BC, and Cyprus was one of the early entrants in European Medical Tourism. Since there are no medical schools within the country, all the doctors are schooled and trained abroad (read advanced countries) and therefore are capable and qualified as their counterparts. Over the period, Cyprus has been a popular destination for many procedures, though In…

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