Crossing international borders for spinal fusion

spinal fusion

Spinal fusion has become a major procedure for which people opt for medical tourism. It is a procedure, which is used to treat multiple spinal conditions. This surgical procedure is used to unite two vertebrate together to eliminate the motion or friction between them. Spinal fusion can treat conditions like slipped disk, degenerated disk, scoliosis, herniated disk, and injury. Spinal Fusion beyond boundaries Spinal Fusion is a surgical procedure, which is done only when conventional treatments have failed to alleviate pain. This surgery may be done alone or can be combined with other spinal surgical procedures. During the treatment, the…

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Costa Rica as growing medical tourism destination


Why Costa Rica A short flight from Miami, Florida Costa Rica can be reached within 2½ hours. It has a mild and comfortable climate which is an advantage considering that most of the medical tourists who decide to visit are from colder countries and they enjoy the tropical climate, as well as a comparatively high standard by Central American standards. Add to this the cost factor, which weighs heavily in favour of getting procedures done there and effect a saving of nearly 60%. The Country boasts of two distinct seasons an Eternal Spring in San Jose (Central Valley) having a…

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