Asian countries continue to see a boom in cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery in Asian countries

Medical tourism has changed how people deal with surgeries and surgeons. The new age patients are anything but vulnerable. They want superior quality of treatments, immediate medical attention and five star comforts during their hospital stay at a modest budget. All these they are getting in the medical tourism destinations of Asia. By traveling to the Asian countries, patients from the developed countries are saving 40% to 70% on surgical costs. Medical tourists are writing about their experience and interacting with patients from all over the world. The stories of successful operations are inspiring hundreds of new patients who are…

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Medical tourism and its effects on Asian economy


Medical tourism is offering multiple benefits to its guests and earning lot of profit. In medical tourism sector, many destinations are still doing well in order to stay firm in this competition. Asian countries are on the top in this competition as it is offering quality medical care along with tourism packages to medical tourists. This includes countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. These countries are attracting billions of people from countries like the US, Canada, England, and other European countries. Medical tourism offers quality healthcare to those who want immediate, quality, and cost-effective treatment in most renowned hospitals…

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