Poland fast becoming Europe’s favored destination for medical tourism


Poland is one of those nations, who know the importance of quality medical facilities in the development of a country. Earlier, Poland was known for expensive medical treatments like dental work, plastic surgeries, and hip replacements. These treatments usually cost 30 to 60% high than other countries. Now, the Polish government is promoting medical tourism in their country. The main motive of the government is to attract medical tourists from across the world, especially people from Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the UK. They offer flights, lodging, and tourism facilities at highly affordable prices. According to them, this will help…

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Vague prices of medical tourism


Medical tourism provides an opportunity to those who want to get a high medical care overseas at affordable prices. Many analysts, hospitals, promoters of trade show and academics have put number of predictions on worldwide gross medical tourism revenue forward. Medical tourism is a wider term and it is as old as tourism itself. It allows people, especially patients to travel overseas in order to get desired or required medical treatment done at highly affordable prices. This includes treatments and surgeries, such as cardiac surgery, dental surgery, organs transplants, joint replacements and several beauty or cosmetic surgeries. However, medical tourism…

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