South Korea sees an influx of Chinese patients for cosmetic surgeries

Chinese patients for cosmetic surgery

Increasing popularity of cosmetic surgeries has promoted medical tourism in South Korea. The country has established itself as a great destination for corrective procedures. Korean surgeons can reshape the appearance of different body parts, especially face, through plastic surgery.

Availability of wide range of cosmetic procedures has attracted most Chinese women to Korea. This has made Korea a plastic surgery hot spot and it offers a wide range of medical as well as cosmetic procedures to people across the world. People are finding it a great way to invest on their body to achieve desired shape of their body.

Plastic surgery trends

Plastic or cosmetic surgery has become a best way to reshape body. It is an expensive procedure, but Korea is offering this procedure to people at highly affordable prices. Cosmetic surgeries are not only popular with women as men are also opting for such procedures to enhance their beauty or improve their physical appearance.

Korea welcomes most patients from China, as it has become a trend for Chinese women to get cosmetic procedures. The Korean government is making various policies to attract more medical tourists. Korea government targets to spend $4 million each year to promote the country as top medical tourism by 2020.

Media promoting cosmetic tourism in China

Most Chinese men and women undergo these painful cosmetic procedures to alter their face into V-shape. The main reason behind this trend is the impact of Korean movies and magazines. Korean television shows, movies, and programs are widely successful in China. It is often seen that Chinese patients take magazine photos to their consultations. This simply proves that media is playing an important role to promote cosmetic tourism into South Korea.

Lipoplasty or liposuction, breast implants, facelifts, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, and Botox treatments are major procedures done these days. These procedures can help people to improve their body shape and enhance their beauty. Plastic surgeries are ideal to lose few inches. During weight loss procedures, the surgeon simply vacuums out the fat through a small incision.

These operations can reshape the body and create an appearance desired by the patient. These procedures may vary destination to destination but medical tourism destinations offer affordable plastic surgery procedures to their guests. Medical tourists can consult experts to choose best cosmetic procedure according to their budget and requirement.


Chinese people are visiting South Korea to get their desired cosmetic surgeries done. Major cosmetic procedures include liposuction, facelifts, breast implants, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, and Botox.