Singapore emerging as a prime medical tourism destination


Singapore, one of the most beautiful island city-states in the world, not only attracts tourists from the entire world for its fantastic sights and nightlife colours, but for its booming medical industry and advancements in technology to provide patients with the much sought-after treatments and retreats. In fact, there was overwhelming revenue of over $900 million collected by the healthcare industry of Singapore in 2011.

The state achieved this status globally through various factors, one being a robust healthcare system with near to perfect infrastructure and of course, the presence of an airport of excellent stature. It has also been stated by WHO that Singapore stands in the 6th position out of 191 countries, when it comes to the best healthcare systems in the world. Every year, there has been an influx of tourists to Singapore, and the numbers are increasing with the time.

Medical treatments available in Singapore

The medical proficiency of Singapore is mostly in transplants like the liver, kidney, and other treatments related to blood disorders. The other major fields in which the medical system provides are Cardiology, Neurology, ObGy, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics and Paediatrics. Another reason tourists are so much attracted is due to the highly trained and experienced medical staff and surgeons who are ever willing to provide their services efficiently.

Accidents and Emergency cases are handled pretty well in the country and there are a number of medical centres that work for 24 hours a day, from which patients can choose from to spend their medical retreat.

Why choose Singapore?

Being a developed country, Singapore boasts of specializing in all sorts of major treatments. In 2011 alone, Singapore witnessed an incoming flow of 30% of the total tourists who opted for medical tourism abroad. The authorities make sure that their healthcare system reaches to both the public and private sectors of the country and insists on improving the housing, life and education styles of the people of Singapore.

The country provides utmost safety and assurance to its global visitors and the hospitals in Singapore have been accredited according to International standards. A plus point of Singapore is not only that it is considered a medical hub of the world, but a place where medical researches meet up for training purposes, conduct seminars and conferences.


The low cost of medical treatments and readily available medicines, together with quality healthcare services, make Singapore a well-desired destination for medical tourism.