Safety and related issues of tourism dealing with transplants

Transplantation tourism (1)

Transplantation tourism refers to organ transplantation in medical tourism. It provides an opportunity to people who need to go under knife for organ transplant surgery. Organ transplant is a moving of an organ from donor to the patient. During organ transplantation surgery, the damaged or absent organ is replaced by the organ of a donor.

Different types of transplant are autograph, allograft, isograft, split transplants, domino transplants, and other transplants.

How safe is it?

Generally, transplant safety is of two types that are organ safety and tissue safety. It can be complicated for both the patient and fir the donor as well. Experts suggest this form of treatment only when the condition of the patient is critical. Though, organ donation is a way to make the patient healthy but it can lead to various complications. Complications include infection and there is a risk of dying from the transplant too. So, it becomes vital for donor and patient that they should consult an expert before going under knife for transplant.

Challenges related to organ transplantation

It is not that easy to go under knife for organ transplant as there are various challenges related to this. Some of the major challenges are:

Health condition of the patient and donor

Most people who have an organ transplant live a quality life with no worries and problems. But, some people experience major heath conditions after having an organ transplant. This can lead to problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, gout, sexual problems, hormone imbalance, and other problems. These health conditions can weaken the immunity of the patient and can restrict him to live a healthy life. Organ transplant can be life threatening for some people.

Legal challenges

Organ transplantation has become one of the popular procedures in medical tourism. Many unauthorized medical tourism facility providers offer illegal organ transplant facilities. These facilities include people who are forced to donate their organs. This can be related to human trafficking or other illegal procedures. So, it is vital for medical tourists to make sure that they are not involved in any illegal activity.

Ethical challenges

In many countries, there have been several issues regarding the legitimacy of organ or tissue transplants. This is a great barrier in the medical tourism or transplant tourism as well. These issues can affect the growth of medical tourism in countries that do not support such procedures.


Transplant tourism is a way in which people can visit a medical tourism destination where they can get the benefits of organ transplant.