PXM Promoting Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is known for its quality and cost effective treatments in a foreign country. Most of the western patients prefer medical tourism because they do not get this type of treatment in their homelands. The rise of medical tourism helps in the growth and overall development of the destination.

The medical tourism industry is rising with a pace and this is all because of the unavailability of these types of treatments in their own countries. According to a report, billions of patients from developed nations move to developing nations in the search of quality and low priced medical care. The second reason for this is patients have to wait for long time and this also may cost more.

PXM or Patient Experience Management

When we talk about patients in medical tourism, we have to consider that patients are very important to this sector. If a medical facility provides best hospitality to its clients or customers then this will lead to improve the image of the hospital. Satisfy customers may return or recommend your facility to their friends and relatives. In order to gain more and more customers, the medical facility has to boost the level of its facilities or make people aware about their plans and strategies.

PMX is a patient centered approach that helps to make the patient more appealing towards the facility. It helps to attract more patients to particular medical institutions. Countries like the America and Britain lacked in patient experience model that is why patients of these nations often prefer medical treatment in the countries like India, Singapore, Thailand, and China. It can be very beneficial for the countries that are losing its image in medical tourism sector. As a result, PMX can help a country to improve its medical facility and provide best hospitality to its clients and patients as well.

Benefits of PXM in medical tourism

PXM is a method of knowing the needs and requirements of the patient. As the needs and satisfaction level of a patient vary, it works differently on different patients. It helps to understand the requirements of international patients. It is a key to attract more medical tourists to a particular destination and medical institution. It helps doctors and other medical staff to select best practices in order to treat medical tourists. It teaches them how to treat and achieve international patients.


Patient Experience model helps the countries to improve its medical facilities. It can be beneficial for them to hold its patients and create a better image in medical care sector.