Popular medical tourism destination in the Middle East


The medical tourists come to the Middle East primarily from surrounding countries, while a small percentage is from the West. This fact is based on two existing circumstances. Firstly, the volatile political situation, which makes visitors think twice, and secondly, the fear of the customs and behaviour pattern set by the Islamic culture that frightens many prospective visitors. There are facilities and institutions that measure up to the best world standards having equally qualified doctors and staff available throughout the region.

Countries and the facilities available

1.      Cyprus
A preferred centre for Plastic Surgery, Dental Care and Fertility Treatment the reputation is based on the expertise of the physician’s experience and hands-on training at International Institutes. IVF Cyprus is one of the most sought after treatments advantaged by the flexible laws regarding gender selection, egg donation and Microsort.

2.      Jordan
Catering to medical tourists primarily from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other countries in the region, Jordan offers first rate facilities and treatments in its 106 hospitals in the country, 10 of which are JCI Accredited (2011), The country is known for its Human reproductive care. Fertility clinics offer the best quality reproductive medicine and services in an atmosphere of compassion and personalised care. Gender selection laws and the options therefore available make it attractive for family planning.
Kidney replacements, Orthopaedic procedures, neurological operations and heart surgeries and well known, as are the dental work done for incoming tourists, Prices are rated to be around 10% of the costs experienced in the US.

3.      Lebanon
A recent entrant in the Medical Tourism industry, Lebanon is a growing healthcare and cosmetic surgery provider that appeals to the neighbouring Gulf patients. Plastic Surgery Beirut is sounding the clarion for many patients looking for excellent treatments at affordable costs, and the allure of soaking up the Mediterranean metropolis. It is also a centre for fertility treatment for both the male and female clientele.

4.      Turkey
The country’s location is admittedly arguable. Some consider it to be in Europe, others as Middle East or even Asia. However, this makes it the ideal connection between the regions. It is the second largest in terms of medical tourists as also in terms of revenue generated.
It is known for Hair Transplants for many conservative Arabs. The affordable procedures attract tourists from Libya, Egypt and Syria for the treatment. Plastic Surgery is another attraction that spurs patients to consider treatments such as breast implants in Istanbul and tummy tucks in Izmir.

5.      UAE
A large network of hospitals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al-Khaimah are fast being established as medical tourism centres. Dubai Healthcare City caters to nearly 50,000 patients (2011) A 10% increase over the previous year. Dubai has the distinction of having the highest number of JCI Accredited hospitals in the region.