Olympus Managed Health Care Extends Proven-Cost Containment Program into medical tourism

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Olympus Managed Health Care, Inc. (OMHC), a leader in international strategic claims management, including cost containment, announces new services focused on the domestic health care payer. Olympus is extending its expertise perfected over 15 years in the international claims management business to the U.S. healthcare marketplace, providing proprietary claims management tools and data to manage claims and contain costs for fully insured, self-funded, HMO and worksite clients such as Mini-Med’s, HSA’s or other limited benefits plans.

Olympus also provides unique solutions under its Patient Care Advocacy Program that is designed to assist the client with facilitating access to health care and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g their limited health care dollar; a great match for enhancing worksite product offerings. The Olympus proprietary international network provides “medical tourism” packages resulting in access to high quality health care at dramatically reduced costs.

Olympus combines cutting edge technology, a team of highly trained claims analysts along with a medical staff that specialize in managing medical care and detecting overcharges, erroneous or fraudulent claims, and cases that are most susceptible to over-billing.

President and CEO Steven W. Jacobson says, “Rising health care costs are a reality of our business model; Olympus is committed to remaining innovative in its effort to maintain the profitability of our clients. We have spent 15 years perfecting our product in the international market; we now firmly believe we can use that expertise to deliver unique value to the domestic health care payer.”