Medical tourism strategy of Dubai and its results

Medical tourism strategy

Dubai Health Association often comes with new plans to promote medical tourism in Dubai. This time they are trying to increase the numbers of local hospitals, that offer specialize medical treatments to regional and international patients. This will be a big step with a motive to increase medical tourists in the country.

Medical tourism in Dubai

Dubai houses number of hospitals and clinics that offer medical facilities to their guests. Quality medical facilities at cheap prices make Dubai a favorable destination. Apart from medical tourism services, Dubai is a lavish tourism destination. Many medical tourism service providers offer luxury medical tourism facilities in the Dubai. With government support, medical tourism in Dubai is continuously gaining immense popularity. This not only provides an opportunity to people, but also contributes to the economy of the country.

DHA is playing an important role in promoting the country one of the most popular, affordable, and luxury medical tourism destination. The main motive of DHA or Dubai Health Association is to make the country as a medical tourism hub. This is the main reason behind improving facilities like quality treatment, luxury accommodation, and tourism facilities, which can help the country to grow more in medical tourism sector. Cardiology, oncology, dentistry, and cosmetic surgeries are major focused areas. Availability of alternative therapies and treatments along with specialized medical care help patients to recover faster.

Strategy and its results

Dubai is well positioned to attract more medical tourists as its great infrastructure makes it one of the favorable destinations for medical procedures. The medical tourism strategy of the country can play a big role to attract more medical tourists and promote Dubai in medical tourism market or sector.

The motive of medical tourism sector of Dubai is to attract 500,000 medical tourists by 2020. To achieve this target, public and private sectors are working together. Currently, Dubai houses over 22 best hospitals and according to strategy, they are trying to increase the number local hospitals. These hospitals will offer excellent medical facilities to regional and international patients as well.

DHA has also announced plans and strategies for hospitals that offer advanced cosmetic procedures. This includes the facility of immediate medical attention, special post or pre operative care for patients, and easy visa procedures for medical tourists.


Medical tourism in Dubai is little different from other medical tourism destinations as it offer luxury medical tourism services to their guests. DHA have announced plans for medical tourism in Dubai to increase the number of medical tourists.