Medical tourism in Guatemala

Medical tourism in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful destination located in Central America. It shares its boundary with Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. The country not only a great medical tourism but the natural beauty of the country makes it a favorable eco tourism destination too. Active volcanoes, cloud forests, beaches, coral reefs, and archeological wonders make it a great tourism destination.

The healthcare sector of the country is able to provide almost all medical tourism facilities. Compared to other Central American countries, Guatemala is a new comer in the medical tourism industry. The country is trying to make its own position in the market and in the medical tourism sector. For this, the country is offering quality medical tourism services to their people and international people at highly affordable prices.

The government of the country is trying to attract medical tourists and for this, they have made flexible visa policies. According to the visa policies of Guatemala, the Americans and Canadian medical tourists must have a valid passport but do not required a visa for stay up to 90 days. Medical tourists can get an extension of 90 days without going through the visa process.

Medical tourists can get room and medical tourism packages according to their budget and medical requirements.


Though the country offers quality medical tourism services, which include affordable medical treatments, tourism facilities, lodging facilities, and more. Still following challenges can affect the growth of medical tourism in the country.

Crime rate

The increasing crime rate of the country is affecting the growth of medical tourism in Guatemala. People do not want to visit a destination that might prove unsafe. To control the crime rate in the country and provide protection to medical tourists, the government of the country is making effective policies. It is always advised to medical tourists to go on hiking in large groups to reduce the risk of criminal activities.


As compared to other American countries, Guatemala is a like a newborn baby in medical tourism sector. The healthcare sector of the country has to face various problems to attract medical tourist to the destination.

Language barrier

Language barriers is the major barrier faced by medical tourists as the national language of the country is Spanish. The country is a great medical tourism destination for countries like Spain, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, but not favorable for non-Spanish countries.


Guatemala is a destination that offers quality medical tourism services to people. Though the country is new in medical tourism sector, it is trying to create its own identity in the medical tourism industry.