Medical Tourism and its wonders


Medical tourism is a growing industry attracting more and more tourists with time. We can understand the wonders and advantages of medical tourism by five Ws. These consist of what, why, who, where and when.

What is medical tourism?

The term medical tourism is used for an arrangement wherein a patient travels from developed countries to developing nations to avail cost effective treatment. These treatments may range from surgeries to post operative care facilities. The most availed treatments in health tourism include knee surgeries, cardiac surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental care and so on.

Why is medical tourism a better alternative?

The inception of medical tourism and its growth comes from the fact that people around the world want to save on medical bills and the long waiting periods for complex surgeries.  Factors, such as cheap international travel and convenience of resources, add to the advantages of health tourism.

First world countries like the US and Canada have high waiting periods for medical appointment, whereas, Europeans prefers medical tourism for cost effectiveness. Every year more than 10,000 patients migrate to the third world to avail pre and post medical care.

Who is the right person to consult for medical travel?

  • Contact organisations that provide and facilitate medical travel.
  • Submit a report of previous medical records and ailment to know which medical help is required.
  • The organisation then consults the professional personnel
  • Organisation gives a quote on the approximate cost and duration of the health travel tenure.
  • Patients travel to the decided destination for treatment after the approval of medical visa.
  • A representative from the organisation is assigned to the patient to deal with the legal procedures.
  • If desired by the patient, arrangements can be made for a postoperative vacation as well.

Where is medical tourism most popular?

Many third world countries offer great infrastructure and skilled staff to assist in health treatment. Popular health travel destinations comprise India, Costa Rica, Columbia, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Under health tourism, cosmetic surgery aspirants comprise more than 40% of the travellers. Major cosmetic surgery hubs are Brazil, Cuba, Columbia and Thailand.  Apart from offering good medical care, these countries promise great vacation spots as well which is a plus for a speedy recovery.

When is the best time for health travel?

Health travel depends majorly on the time duration and complexity involved in the suggested medical treatment. Health travel involves a lot of homework by the tourist or the organisation to provide a pleasant stay to the concerned patient. Hence, while considering health travel, weather and season in the exotic countries need to be taken note of. Pleasant seasons such as autumn or winters pass of as the preferred seasons for health travel.