Medical tourism and its booming business in Asia

booming Medical tourism

Asia is considered one of the best destinations to visit for medical care. Singapore, Thailand, and India are major tourism destinations in Asia, which offer cheap yet quality medical treatments or procedures to their guests.

The medical tourism sector has grown exponentially over the last decade. Marketing and promotion of medical tourism has resulted in booming of Asian medical tourism sector. This strategy has proven beneficial for medical tourism market in Asia. Now, Asia welcomes more than one million medical tourists to avail medical treatments. As a result, Asia has become the leading medical tourism destination in the world.

Factors behind the popularity and growth of Asian medical tourism

Factors like quality health care, technology, advanced medical procedures, tourism facilities, and immediate medical attention has made Asia as a great medical tourism destination.


Health care system in Asia offer medical procedures like dental procedures, cardiac procedures, plastic surgeries, and other medical procedures. Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and India are known for their affordable medical tourism packages. Southeast Asian healthcare takes center stage in medial tourism sector. Hospitals in the region are equipped with advance technology and medical tourism facilities. They provide a chance to patients to avail advanced medical treatments without spending much.


Thailand, India, and Singapore are one of the major tourism destinations in Asia. Every year, millions of tourists visit these destinations to spend their vacations. Medical tourism is a perfect blend of tourism and healthcare as it is perfect for people who cove to combine tourism and medical treatment together. Many medical tourism facility providers offer all-in-one packages at affordable prices to their guests. This includes everything from medical treatment to lodging, from food to tourism. People can get a chance to explore the diverse wildlife, nightlife, museums, monuments, and wide range of shopping attractions.

Alternative treatments                           

The use of CAM or complementary and alternative medicines made Asia an attractive medical tourism destination. Medical tourists can get the benefits of alternative therapies and spa procedures to deal with multiple health problems. Alternative medicines when combined with modern medical procedures than they can do miracles.

No language barriers         

Language barrier was one of the major barriers that restrict people to visit a foreign medical tourism destination. But, many medical tourism service providers offer companions and translators that help medical tourists to understand the language of their chosen destination.


Asia is world’s top medical tourism destination that houses excellent hospitals and medical professionals. Quality healthcare and tourism facilities offer best medical tourism packages to their guests.