Medical tourism, a boost to overall tourism industry


Tourism packages have become the most popular means of International travel. Be it for sightseeing or attending events (Olympics/Music/etc.). They make the entire experience simple and tension free. The same is the case with Medical Tourism.

The focus of the exercise is obviously to get the procedure successfully completed. There are other issues relating to recovery (post procedure treatment) and rest involved. This is where the tourism industry steps in and makes facilities outside the hospital available to the recovering patient. With the established fact that the financial factors weigh heavily in favor of the packages and with quality vouched for by the respective Accreditation bodies, it makes sense to be a part of the tried and tested, rather than exploration – especially where ones health is concerned.

Makes sense all round

This takes a load off the mind in terms of planning itinerary and booking the various facilities, and allows you to rest easy. The host country, apart from offering a valuable service, benefits from the financial income generated by the ancillary package of services rendered to the inbound patient. It is a win-win situation all around. In addition, just like popular destinations for sightseeing, Medical Visits become popular as their reputation for quality and success rate gain a reputation. It is good for the patient and good for the local trades. It generates employment and income and therefore rightly promoted by the tourism authorities.

This phenomenon is true for all the countries offering Medical Services for the inbound patient. It relieves the burden on the home government and raises the standard of living for those involved in the host country.

Brain sense – (Logical)

When considering that Medical services offered are life saving, if not life changing, this industry must be given the boost it requires to flourish. There are no losers in this and even the home countries, where the patients originate, are actively promoting it as it eases the burden on their respective NHS facilities, which are overburdened with a backlog of cases waiting to receive treatment. Add to this is the fact that the same treatment would cost far more, adding to the existing burden.

Heart sense – (It’s the Feeling!)

Traveling with near and dear ones has always been a favored leisure activity. Now with Medical Tourism gaining popularity, two activities can be combined, then both the patient and the companion have better peace of mind while the entire procedure takes place.


When there are no negatives involved with medical tourism, why should one rock the boat? Sail with the tide and enjoy the ride!