Medical Destinations for Hip Replacement


There are now countless destinations all over the world from which people can choose to spend a medical retreat and make use of their time to undergo a treatment at a much cheaper rate and under the guidance of highly skilled healthcare providers.

Today there are many medical facilities available across the world and many countries have even a particular set of specializations, in which they lead the world. Some of the most sought-after medical specializations for which patients seek treatments are, cardiology, neurology, bone replacement, ayurvedic treatments, etc.

Hip Replacement

When it comes to bone replacement, there is again a number of sub divisions like collar bone, limbs, hips, foot and ankle, etc. The hip replacement surgery is one among the most sought-after treatments field. Hip related problems, that usually occur in old age people, can lead to immense pain and inability to walk or sit.

United States of America

The total cost of medical treatments related to hip problems simply sums up to 7000 to 15,000 US dollars. Some times, the cost of the treatment and other costs related to your travel and stay can be covered in this amount, if the right medical institution is chosen. USA also provides one of the topmost facilities for hip replacement surgeries, in terms of the technical advancements and the level of skilled labourers.


There is the Harvard Medical-Affiliated medical institutions and the USA Joint Commission-Accredited Hospitals in India, that provide the best medical treatments pertaining to hip replacement surgery and other problems relating to the hip.

Costa Rica

Similar to the medical system in India, Costa Rica too has USA Joint Commission Hospitals that has been acclaimed internationally. The treatments related to hip problems in the country is also famous due to his highly advance medical equipment and quick access to medicines.


One can get to see hospitals that are of world class standards, with top-notch medical facilities in healthcare centers and medical staff who are highly experienced and have been trained in renowned institutions around the world. The cost of treatment is also comparatively low and there is also easy access to medicines.

Some of the other countries that provide similar treatments techniques are Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan. These nations have already proved their proficiency in building up a great rapport with the outside world both in the medical field and other fields too. The total income generated from all these countries, just for hip-related surgeries, were a mind-boggling $6.2 billion, according to the MediPoint Report Stats in 2012.

Hip replacement surgery is a booming market and according to statistics, the industry is definitely going to grow and there will be an increase in the number of medical destinations around the globe, providing treatments for hip-related problems.