Lisbon’s skill in robotic surgery brings it in favour of medical tourists

Robots Due Surgery in New York Hospital

The Hospital da Luzin in Lisbon has been garnering a lot of attention over the past few years. The reason? Its head surgeon Kris Maes who has become world renowned for being one of the first ever surgeons to both practice and promote robotic surgery.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery refers to performing traditional surgeries with the help of a robotic system. Comprising of a computer aided robotic arms, lights and video cameras, the system would help a surgeon perform tiny, precise incisions in the body. This in turn would help the surgeon perform traditional operations without having the need to cut the patient open.

In addition to using the technology to operate his own patients, Maes has been actively promoting the same in different hospitals in and around Lisbon. The surgeon also recently assisted in training a group of surgeons in Belgium on how to handle a surgical robot called the Da Vinci XI, which uses minimally invasive techniques to perform operations on patients.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is increasingly being preferred by medical tourists for a number of reasons. In addition to smaller surgical incisions that prevent high blood loss during surgery, robotic surgery often leads to quick recovery periods, reduced duration of stay in the medical tourism destination, reduced post-operative care, reduced post-operative infections, and smaller scars.

Most important of all, robotic surgery, although an expensive option is considered as a more viable alternative to traditional surgeries which lead to more hospital and patient related costs.

Lisbon’s Advantage as prime medical tourism destination for robotic surgery

A urologist and coordinator of Hospital da Luz’s Centre for Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Maes has so far performed over 1500 robotic procedures which included over 500 prostatectomies. This is probably why Hospital da Luz as well as Lisbon are fast becoming the preferred choice for medical tourists when it comes to seeking medical treatments/procedures via robotic surgery.

The hospital, in fact, attracts more medical tourists annually that several other hospitals in Europe, with most of its tourists arriving from countries like Brazil and Angola. In order to make sure that each one of its visitors feels welcome and taken care of, the facility a comprehensive communication support program called International Patient Services. This program ensures that arriving tourists are provided the best in terms of quality of care and service irrespective of whether they speak Portuguese or not.

Accordingly, some of the benefits medical tourists can avail via these services include medical document translations, English telephone services, financial assistance, mediation with international insurers, support for lodging and travel arrangements and even support for an emergency triage questionnaire that is available in over 13 languages.


Lisbon is fast becoming a well-known medical tourism destination owing to the Hospital da Luz and several other health care facilities that specialize in minimally invasive robotic surgeries. The manifold benefits robot assisted surgeries offer medical tourists are the main reasons why patients have started flocking towards Lisbon for their medical treatments.