How to deal with cultural issues related to medical tourism

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Medical tourism has opened doors to various exotic countries to the developed nations across the globe. This has led to an exchange and experimentation with various beliefs, customs and lifestyle of the people of the tourism country.

Before travelling to the destination country for any medical procedure, it is important to have more than 75% knowledge about the basic customs and code of conduct of the host country.

“When in Rome do the Romans”, this is the phrase that comes in handy while preparing to dodge the cultural issues related to medical tourism.

To help you through your journey we have highlighted a few key points that you could take note of to make your trip a smooth one.

  • Make sure that the authorities the medical tourism company appointed by you are aware of the cultural background you belong to: It is important that they understand your needs and mandatory requirements in a foreign country. Therefore, it is important to do your homework before visiting the host country. This step is always the first and the best to overcome all the cultural issues after reaching the host country.
  • Make sure to select the right country. Research about all the possible options available and then concluded. For example, the British find it easy to fly down to India than anywhere else for their treatment t whereas, the Japanese patients might be more comfortable in choosing Taiwan as their host country.
  • As a potential tourist, respect the clothing patterns of the host country: Be sure to follow any rules related to public code of conduct and clothing benchmarks laid down by the legislation. These rules are most common in the Middle Eastern countries.
  • Be aware of the food patterns and availability in the host country: Discuss the possibilities with your travel agency and decide upon a food pattern that won’t make you home sick and also, help you enjoy the native dishes of the host country.
  • Clear the air. Make sure that the doctor, the team and the travel agency stay clear of any inhibitions of taboos related to your treatment and the patient privacy code is well discussed upon.
  • Refrain from using offensive language that might be a no-no in the host countries: Offensive expressions or taboo words should not be used. Discuss the minute details with your agent before gearing up for the treatment!