How to Choose a Medical Tourism Company

Author : Medical Tourism Association

With the ever-growing popularity of medical tourism, the number of medical tourism companies has witnessed a sharp rise lately. These medical tourism companies help tourists to obtain medical treatments in foreign countries in exchange for a very economical fee, which makes it convenient for them to consult top and famous doctors of that country. However, before you decide to choose any particular medical tourism company, it is very important for you to consider the following factors:

  • Recognition certificate by a reputed medical tourism organization
Before you decide to accept the services of any medical tourism company, make sure it is certified by MTA or Medical Tourism Association. MTA is an internationally accredited nonprofit organization established solely for benefit of the global healthcare industry. Its goal is to make sure that any individual seeking medical treatment in a foreign country receives healthcare at top facilities and are looked after by expert doctors and nurses. So, any medical tourism company certified by MTA is a sign that it meets all the criteria necessary for providing help to medical tourists and can also provide excellent services in the medical healthcare industry.
  • Good relationships with the JCI-accredited hospitals located in other countries
Established in 1999, Joint Commission International accreditation indicates the standards of the medical facilities of the hospitals which are considered as suitable for treating international patients. JCI maintains strict rules in rating hospitals that are fit for receiving medical tourists and it is very important for the medical tourists to receive treatments in only JCI-accredited hospitals.
  • Telehealth and telemedicine facilities
Telehealth and telemedicine facilities help doctors and nurses examine a patient’s health and illness living in another country before and after the patient receives medical treatment. All the internationally recommended hospitals should be equipped with pre-operative and post-operative video-conferencing facilities to examine the patient’s illness and to keep track of their recovery rate.
  • Travel and vacation assistance
A good medical tourism company should provide both medical treatment services along with travel and vacation services. So, before you sign up with any such companies, make sure they provide you full assistance with your tour and trip facilities.
  •  Necessity of medical background of the management team
Since the medical tourism company provides facilities in health care industries and works closely with all the internationally recommended hospitals all across the globe, it is very important for their management team to have a good medical background. Therefore, before signing up, make sure your medical tourism company recruits employees with medical and impeccable educational background.

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