How medical transcription influences the medical tourism industry


Medical tourism industry is increasing at a very fast pace due to the increasing price rise in the medical field in the developed countries. This phenomenon increased the option of people seeking for the excellent treatment at a comparatively low price. There are different aspects, which trigger the rise in inflow of patients in the developing countries. Among the other features, Medical Transcription is one of the important aspect which plays an important role in the in the field of medicine.

Medical transcription:

The term “Medical Transcription” means outsourcing of medical data in the audio form and thereafter the audio data is converted to written softcopies, so it could be stored in their respective files for future reference. During this process, the audio data is out sourced to others to decrease the already burdened hospital administration.

Cheaper workforce:

In the world of medical transcription, the audio data is often outsourced to places where the cost of data conversion is very low when compared to that of the developed countries. In fact, in the developing countries, the availability of cheap workforce is high and it comes without any additional baggage, which will not be the same when compared with the developed countries. Initially it was felt that developing countries could not perform to the expectations of the clients from the developed countries.

However, gradually this proved to be a myth since the medical transcriptionists were performing at par with those from the developed countries. The annual average salary of transcriptionist in a developed country is around $37,000 and it costs close to $12,000 in the developing countries. It may be noted that the insurance, house rent allowance, bonus and other benefits are not included.

Confidentiality of data:

While transcribing medical data, all the transcribers had to undertake the oath of secrecy wherein they are not to disclose the confidential medical details to anyone who is not required to know.

Decreases the burden on hospitals:

The ratio between the patients and the number of hospitals are increasing by the day and thus the hospitals are burdened and this trend is on the increase. In order to decrease the already burdened hospital staff, transcription is a novel way of getting the work done from developing countries without compromising on the quality of work. At the same time, privacy of the patients or confidential data is given prime importance.