Going with domestic medical tourism as a money saver

Money saver domestic medical tourism

Medical tourism is a term associated with traveling to another destination for medical treatments. Many individuals around the world are increasingly opting for medical tourism in a bid to get access to treatments at just a fraction of what they would cost back home. Some even travel overseas to avail treatments that are either not available or are banned in their own countries. The prospect of clubbing the medical treatments with a holiday in an exotic location also appeals to many individuals who travel overseas for the same purpose.

Over the past few years though, a lot of importance is being given to another form of medical tourism that promotes traveling to destinations within the same country. Called domestic medical tourism, this concept could be a more viable option for those who cannot travel overseas for medical treatments. Plus, it could end up saving more money for the medical tourist when compared to traveling to a foreign destination for the same purpose. Here are some pointers that reiterate this fact.

More reliability leads to more benefits

No amount of preparation would make a medical tourist be fully aware of what lies in wait for him at a foreign health care facility. A medical facility that is nearby or within the confines of the same state or country can on the other hand, be easily accessed. This may be the reason more employers are looking out for domestic medical tourism, and urging their employees to do so to via increased benefits to existing employee health plans and increased medical procedures for existing benefit packages.

Bundled payment options

Domestic medical tourism promotes bundled payment options, with many employers entering into tie-ups with hospitals and insurance companies in order to assign a fixed rate for treatments. This rate would include hospital charges, insurance costs and post operative medical care too. Patients unwilling to go abroad for medical treatment can therefore, benefit greatly from this bundled payment system which would help reduce healthcare costs significantly.

Reduced travel costs

More employers are considering domestic medical tourism as a viable alternative for medical tourism, especially if the travel related costs for the latter are quite high. These employers get in touch with qualified surgeons in the same city, state or country who in turn would connect them to quality healthcare facilities nearby. In most cases, the cost of the treatment in these facilities ends up being much lesser than the combined costs of travel and medical treatment in a foreign destination.

High quality care available at home

In a bid to not lose patients to overseas healthcare facilities, a lot of hospitals and medical facilities at home have started focusing on improving their quality of services. They have also started matching prices with these overseas healthcare facilities to a great extent. As such, traveling to these facilities instead of abroad would surely save the medical tourist plenty of money in terms of travel related costs.


Domestic medical tourism has slowly started gaining prominence in the last few years. The prospect of getting treated at home itself and saving money in the process has started luring more employers to consider domestic medical tourism as a more viable, cost effective alternative to its overseas counterpart.