Frequently visited dental tourism destinations across the world


Dental tourism is also referred as dental vacation. It is a subset of medical tourism sector. The main objective as to why people go on a dental vacation is to get cost effective dental care. In the UK, US and many other European countries dental is costly, especially if reconstructive work is required. So people tend to cross international borders and for people who go on a vacation to a dental destination country have an option to work affordable dental care into their vacation. In this article, let us see few of the dental destinations.

Hungary boasts more dentists per capita than any other country. Some of the least expensive and best clinics are found in the rural areas of Hungary. They provide good quality service too. The latest report says that most Americans travel to Hungary for extensive care such as implants, cosmetic oral surgeries and full-mouth restorations.

People who plan for a vacation in Asia can find excellent dental care in Thailand as it is peppered with dental clinics. One of the top international hospitals, Bumrungrad provides most expansive and enduring dental care. Most of its doctors have been trained and certified in the US. Another good example would be Bangkok International Dental Care hospital.

Mexico is also another dental destination, frequently visited by people in America and Canada. The US citizens along the east coast and the Canadians are flocking to Costa Rica because the dentistry here is excellent and the price is also 40-70 per cent lower than those in the US and Canada. Therefore, it is easy for them to take a short drive and save thousands of dollars in dental cost.

Poland also provides cost effective excellent dental care. Swedish, Danish, English and German people frequently visit the country. They provide general and specialist dentistry to international and national patients. It is also a good place for vacation.

Next in our list comes Philippines. It is an exotic tropical destination. They provide excellent dentistry for a reasonable price. People who obtained dental care form the Philippines have said that their hospitality is also very good. It is again considered as a holiday spot. Kiwis, Australians, Canadians and Americans frequently visit the country. Visitors get excellent dental care at the same time they enjoy their vacation cost effectively.

Next is Turkey, which is a tourist spot. Dental tourists received dental care from skilled professionals at the same time explored the ancient and modern culture of Turkey.