Egg donation as the lynchpin in fertility tourism

Egg donation

Fertility tourism is an integral part of medical tourism, which provides opportunity to couples who are trying to conceive for long time without success. Many medical tourism destinations offer different fertility procedures to help such couples. People can contact experts who can help them to choose best and suitable option for them.

Egg donation

Egg donation is one of the safest and successful methods for people who cannot have their babies. It is a process by which woman donates eggs to perform the medical procedure that will help other woman to conceive. Egg donation is a part of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology. In most cases, these eggs are used for assisted reproduction and biomedical research.

Egg donation process

Egg donation is based on the menstrual cycle of a woman as during the menstruation cycle, several eggs begin to mature. Usually, once the egg becomes fully mature, it becomes viable for donation. Doctors often give special drugs to donor to increase the success of egg donation and more eggs mature. The development of the egg in the donor is usually monitored by ultrasound scanning. This enables a picture of ovaries and the egg on the monitor.

Matured eggs are collected using a needle guided by the ultrasound. This process may be done under general anesthesia. Doctors remove each egg carefully with the help of a fine hollow needle. This needle is passed through the vagina, bladder or urethra. Laparoscopy is other method to collect these eggs.

The donor has to go under some medications and tests. Tests like ultrasound and scanning help doctors to understand the condition of the egg and donor as well. Donor may experience some minor side effects, which include hot flushes, headaches, irritability, mood swings, sleeplessness, and depression.

Many couple visit destinations like Australia, India, and Singapore to get the benefits of such fertility treatments. These treatments help women to conceive with a huge success rate. Other procedures like IVF and surrogacy also becoming popular these days. Countries have varying laws regarding these types of treatments and procedures. It is vital for people who want to avail the benefits of these treatments should inquire properly about the medical tourism destinations that offer fertility treatments. Authentic information can help people to choose best fertility destination, clinic, and treatment.


Egg donation is a third type of conceiving as in this procedure, woman donate eggs so that other woman can conceive easily. It is a safest way to increase the chances of successful pregnancy.