Do it yourself medical tourism, the potential risks involved


Many individuals opting for medical tourism tend to make minor mistakes here and there that could potentially spoil their entire trip. These individuals usually opt for Do It Yourself medical tourism and end up planning everything themselves without consulting anyone. This could create plenty of hassles for them down the lane, starting with a bad healthcare facility and moving onto amateur, inexperienced medical staff and stay in a substandard hotel in a not so pleasant area of town. The troubles can increase manifold if the patient is not thoroughly aware of the country he/she would be visiting for treatment.

We cannot blame them as well. Located halfway across the globe, these patients would have little information of the medical tourism destination they would be visiting apart from what they read on the internet. So what then would be the best option for these individuals?

A suitable alternative would be to get in touch with a travel consulting service/company like North Carolina Medical Travel that caters to medical tourists from around the world, helping them gain a positive experience with medical travel and enjoy the vacation to boot. The company helps medical tourists get in touch with the best doctors, medical facilities, hotels and tourism providers in the region, hand picking their partners based on the quality of service alone.

The ClinicaUnibe happens to be one such hospital in Costa Rica that boasts of housing some of the best doctors and medical personnel in the region. As such, getting to know about the hospitals, specialists, prices, hotels and tourism providers beforehand would be considered extremely wise for those who wish to take the risk of opting for “Do-It-Yourself” medical tourism.

While low quality healthcare is not appreciated and can cause shame to the concerned organization, bad healthcare could be detrimental for the patient in the long run. Chances are the patient may need to spend thousands of dollars to correct an issue. Chances are he/she may contract permanent health related problems because of bad healthcare or even die in the process. Hence, companies like NC Medical Travel act as safety nets for medical tourists wishing to travel abroad for treatments.

NC Medical Travel goes a step further in ensuring that medical tourists who reach them get personalized attention from the moment they start traveling. This includes having a caretaker (a company representative) with the patient throughout the duration of the trip. Based in the US, NC Medical Travel also has an operational office in Costa Rica and is certified by PROMED.


Individuals opting for ‘Do It Yourself’ Medical Tourism would need to be very wary of the same owing to the numerous risks involved in the same. A wise way to avoid these issues would be to opt for a medical travel consulting company like NC Medical Travel that will guide medical tourists in choosing the best facilities at the destination for their trip.