Developed countries offering economic medical treatments


Medical treatment or medical care is becoming far from being high priority for most of the individuals in the world today. Many people simply forgo treatment because they can’t afford it.  Such a condition is seen in developed countries where cost effective medical care with good quality timely service is in demand because of which medical tourism gained much popularity these days. Still there are developed countries, which provide economic medical treatment to all its citizens. Let us see about few of those countries in this article and various option that they provide for the patients.

Developed countries implemented a health care plan called as the Universal health care or Universal health coverage – It is a health care system, which provides health care to all its citizens with financial protection. Developed countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Germany all have implemented these plans and try to provide cost effective medical care for its citizens. The end goal of Universal health coverage is to provide financial risk protection with improved health outcomes and improved access to health services in the country. In Hong Kong, health coverage involves heavy government participation and it has the most efficient health care system in the world according to the survey.

The cost effectiveness of health care system in the developed countries was assessed by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. In the research, it was found that Ireland ranks first in providing economic medical treatment followed by United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia in the fourth place. Japan is another developed country where health care for kids under sixteen is fully covered. Japanese system involves universal health care with mandatory income based premiums for the self-employed or mandatory payroll taxes paid by both employee and employer. For people who are above forty, long-term care insurance is required. Japan sets flat rates from medications to procedure to control the cost.

In Ireland, its citizens are eligible for a medical card depending on their income, which entitles its holders for a full range of medical services without any cost. Next comes Australia, where treatments in public hospitals are completely free. According to the Global Post, Australia’s health care system is affordable and easily accessible. They provide cradle to grave health care and covers most of the costs for physician consultation, specialist’s fee and pathology tests. Israel also has been recognized as one of the country that provides cost effective medical treatment.