Destinations for gender realignment

gender realignment

In medical tourism sector, the trend of gender realignment is becoming popular. After making name in procedures like plastic surgeries, dental procedures, fertility treatments, and cardiac procedures, destinations like Thailand, Iran, Berlin, and the USA are making their name in gender realignment procedures or surgeries.

Today, various countries have made their laws flexible for people seeking gender realignment, and have given them a right to change their gender if they want. This will help them to live their life in a different way. Medical sciences have provided them an opportunity to change their genders according to their choice. Medical tourism is providing people a chance to get their gender realignment surgeries overseas.

Medical tourism is a great option for people who cannot get the benefits of such surgeries in their own countries. Though, different countries has different laws regarding homosexual and gender realignment surgeries. Major countries that offer best gender realignment surgeries to people across the world are:


Here we have major medical tourism destinations that offer quality and affordable gender realignment surgeries.


Thailand has gained immense popularity in the field of medical tourism. The country offer quality medical procedures that include cardiac surgeries, weight loss procedures, cancer treatments, cosmetic surgeries, and other medical procedures. Most medical tourists visit the destination to get the benefits of advanced gender realignment operations. Specialists are able to treat almost all type of ailments and provide surgeries according to the requirements of their patients.


Iran is at the second place after Thailand that carries out more sex change operations. The government of the country provides financial support to people who cannot afford the operation, although this is believed to be largely caused by homophobia. Gender realignment is recognized on the birth certificate.


Berlin is another medical tourism destination that offers sex change operations or surgeries to people who want to change their sex. The availability of such procedures in the country has helped the city build its reputation in medical tourism industry.


The USA is known for its highly skilled doctors and medical representatives. These experts can help patients across the world to choose desired medical treatment and procedures. This medical tourism destination has become a perfect destination for people who want to change their gender.


Gender realignment provides an opportunity to people who want to change their gender. Major destinations that offer such surgeries to people are Thailand, Berlin, Iran, and the USA.