Cyprus finds its advantage in Israel’s medical tourism industry

Israel’s medical tourism industry

For long Cyprus has been considered as a premier tourist destination. The island is also very popular among retirees who come from all around the world to settle down on its shores. Cyprus also enjoys a strategic location between three major continents that makes it a business hotspot for several firms. Combined with favourable local conditions and all these factors put together, the island has slowly but steadily started carving a niche for itself in the healthcare industry.

Medical Tourism and Cyprus

The medical tourism industry has been seeing a positive surge in Cyprus owing to many beneficial factors. These include high class medical/wellness treatments, world class hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, internationally educated medical personnel, luxury hotels and a mild Mediterranean climate which helps medical tourists enjoy a peaceful vacation on one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.

As such, the island has the necessary prerequisites as well as the potential to become a very popular health and wellness tourism destination in the near future. Cyprus also has a less cumbersome medical tourism process than other European countries, thus making it the preferred choice for those who want to seek medical treatment abroad sans all the hassles involved in the same.

Health Care Industry in Israel

Israel on the other hand, has been experiencing a surge in its health care industry as well. Over 15000 tourists visited the country for medical treatments to 2006. This number increased to over 30000 in 2010 and has been increasing ever since. Reports have stated that the country’s medical tourism industry alone was responsible for generating over $140 million in revenue.

What Cyprus could do for Israel in the Long run

Considering the fact that Israel’s health sector has been experiencing a successful run so far, it would only be natural for the country to look out for other lucrative medical tourism industries in other nearby regions. And Cyprus seems to feature at the top of this list. Investing in the island’s booming healthcare industry would definitely be beneficial for the Israeli healthcare sector in more ways than one.

Setting up a medical tourism centre in Cyprus

Compared to other European countries, setting up a medical tourism centre in Cyprus is also easier. Any medical centre setting base on Cyprus would need to purchase two licenses, a license for establishment of the centre and an operational license. In addition to this, the medical centre would need to meet only a few basic set of conditions as per the treatments they offer. This straightforwardness in the legislation of establishing and operating a medical tourism centre on the island would definitely appeal to the Israeli healthcare sector which is looking to expand its horizons.


Cyprus’s medical tourism industry is on the rise even as Israel’s own healthcare sector is seeing a positive surge. The ease of establishment and operation, as well as the island’s potential as a major healthcare destination would definitely appeal to Israel which is looking to expand its healthcare sector across boundaries.