Cuba formulates new plans to boost its medical tourism industry

Cuba formulates new plans

For long, Cuba has been considered as a promising medical tourism destination owing to its affordable and high quality medical procedures. In what can be considered as a major boost to the country’s medical tourism industry, several medical tourism companies in Cuba have been chosen to take part in a series of training programs that would help them become medical tourism providers.

Arranged by the German Cooperation Agency jointly with the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine, the program would invest over $130,000 in coaching over 110 medical tourism companies spread across Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Costa Rica stands to benefit the most from these programs, with over 70 local companies chosen from six regions including San Jose, Nicoya, Los Santos, Guanacaste, the Central Pacific and the Northern Zone for the program. These companies would have to move through different phases of selection before being chosen for the training.

Accordingly, the first phase of the selection will see an esteemed panel of experts chosen companies that have the potential to serve medical tourists and just need basic training to facilitate the same.

A simultaneous process will also work on establishing productive chains between these companies and firms in other medical tourism verticals, including hotels, transport companies and tour operators, etc. This would help these companies offer an attractive medical tourism package for visiting patients.

The companies thus chosen for the program would undergo training that would comprise of both online courses and classroom training. These would help the chosen companies work on the areas that they are lagging in, a factor that would help them market their services overseas more efficiently.

One of the main benefits these selected companies would have over their already established counterparts is a close proximity to the U.S. Studies indicate that the majority of medical tourists prefer to travel to a more familiar destination that is close by and still offers the chance to enjoy a peaceful holiday in a seemingly foreign locale.

Recent surveys indicate that Cuba ranks fifth in the list of best medial tourism services. Considering that Cuba is preceded only be developed countries in the list, the chances of medical tourists visiting the destination rather than going somewhere else would increase manifold

A recent survey by PROMED has in fact, established that Cuba played host to more than 48253 medical tourists in 2011 alone. The revenue generated from these visits amounted to $338 million which went into boosting the country’s economic standards. With the new plans underway, Cuba plans to lure even more medical tourists this year, setting a target of 100000 by the end of 2015.


Cuba has announced plans to improve the standard of its medical tourism services by the end of 2015. As part of the program started by the German Cooperation Agency and the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine, the country will choose over 70 companies to take part in training programs that will equip the latter with the necessary know how and adequate skills to serve medical tourists.