Crossing international borders for spinal fusion

spinal fusion

Spinal fusion has become a major procedure for which people opt for medical tourism. It is a procedure, which is used to treat multiple spinal conditions. This surgical procedure is used to unite two vertebrate together to eliminate the motion or friction between them. Spinal fusion can treat conditions like slipped disk, degenerated disk, scoliosis, herniated disk, and injury.

Spinal Fusion beyond boundaries

Spinal Fusion is a surgical procedure, which is done only when conventional treatments have failed to alleviate pain. This surgery may be done alone or can be combined with other spinal surgical procedures. During the treatment, the patients are hospitalized for three to four days.

Medical tourism destinations for Spinal Fusion

This effective procedure can help you to get rid of multiple spinal conditions. Major medical tourism destinations that offer effective spinal fusion treatments are:


Choosing Thailand to avail spinal fusion treatments can benefit medical tourists in multiple ways. The destination offers affordable spinal surgeries and procedures to people across the world. The procedures offered by Thailand’s top hospitals are disk replacements surgeries, laminectomy, microdiscectomy, and other procedures. Apart from this, patients can enjoy tourism packages included in the medical tourism package.


India is a great destination for spinal surgeries. Experts are able to treat various spinal problems and related conditions. Medical tourists can consult doctors before visiting the destination as they can help them choose effective procedures. Availability of alternative therapies and procedures can help patients feel relaxed and comfortable. Spinal Fusion generally costs about $6,500 in India, which is quite cheap as compared to other medical tourism destinations.

United States

The United States is known for its excellent and advanced medical procedures. Hospitals of the country are equipped with top class medical technologies and medical professionals there provide the required medical care or attention to their patients. Spinal surgeries are quite expensive in the USA, but people visit the destination when seeking quality. Besides quality medical services, the United States offers great tourism packages to their guests.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is preferred by medical tourists from countries like Canada and the UK. The main reason behind the popularity of Costa Rica as one of the best medical tourism destinations is its low prices, quality healthcare, luxury accommodation, and tourism facilities. The destination offer advanced spinal surgeries to people across the world.


Spinal fusion is a complicated surgery performed to correct various spinal conditions. Thailand, Costa Rica, India, and the United States are major medical tourism destinations that offer quality spinal fusion treatments.