Common health problems one might have to deal with after a transplant

after a transplant

An organ transplant can help an ailed person to live again. Organ transplant has become a popular medical procedure in medical tourism. It can provide multiple health benefits to the patient.

Most people who have gone through this medical procedure live a healthy life. But some people also have faced other health problems after transplant. This can lead to several other health problems. This is one of the main reasons, why this procedure is illegal in many countries. Some people who purchased kidneys or any other organ overseas show very high rates of infection and death.

Organ transplant rejection

Organ transplant rejection is a major problem faced by the patient after an organ transplant. Organ rejection is a process in which the immune system of a recipient attacks or rejects the transplanted organ or tissue. This can lead to problems like transplantation reaction and blood transfusion reaction. Major signs of organ transplant rejection may include pain, feeling unwell, fever, weight changes, and swelling.

Health problems after a transplant

To reduce the risk of organ rejection, doctors often use medicines to suppress the immune system of a recipient. General side effects of these medications can lead to various health problems and some of them are:

Low immunity

Doctors use various anti-rejection medicines, which can make the immunity of an individual weak. Weak immunity will not be able to fight against harmful germs and bacteria and can lead to problems like nausea, fever, cold, and infection.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol can be dangerous in this condition as it can increase the chances of heart attack and strokes. It can clog up blood vessels of the patient and can damage the new organ. It is the major side effect of anti-rejection medicines.

High blood pressure

It is another major problem or side effect of medications. This can lead to problems like mood swings and other problems. It is better for the patient to change his diet and food habits.

Sexual problems

Some people may experience some sexual problems that can affect their sexual life. This includes problems like decreased sex drive and more. No need to worry as your doctor can help you to get out of this.

Hormonal imbalances

Medicines can lead to problems like hormonal imbalances. This can cause unwanted hair growth and emotional imbalances as well.


Organ transplant is beneficial for many people but some can experience common health problems after having an organ transplant. This includes problems like high blood pressure, weak immunity, sexual problems, and more.