Citizens of Singapore apparently not enjoying the country’s flourishing medical tourism status

singapore medical tourism status

WHO has declared Singapore to be 6th among 191 countries in healthcare and medical facilities. It has undoubtedly improved its healthcare system within a short span of time. Patients from US, Canada, European countries and the Middle East are flocking to Singapore for obtaining high quality medical facilities without breaking their banks.

The costs of medical services are considerably low in Singapore yet most of its hospitals have received international accreditation and the hospitals employ doctors who have foreign degrees. Despite its highly evolved healthcare system, Singaporeans are dissatisfied with the medical facilities they receive. The reason behind this is the priority given to foreign patients.

Why is Singapore popular as a medical tourism destination?

Singapore has become one of the top contenders among medical tourism destination around the world. More than 30% medical tourists visit Singapore every year for different types of medical treatments and surgeries. Advanced medical facilities have helped Singapore in gaining the trust of foreign patients. International patients visit Singapore for cardiology, neurology, obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.

Some of the popular treatments include liver and kidney transplant and blood transfusion. Apart from advanced medical facilities, Singapore also excels in offering added facilities like day tours, comfortable accommodations and excellent food. Language interpreters are offered to medical tourists for making their experience smoother and happier.

Why are Singaporeans feeling neglected?

Medical services have become a commodity in Singapore, which is being reserved for the affluent foreign patients. For drawing more foreign patients, the famous hospitals of Singapore have separate wards for them. Along with medical treatments, they are given en-suite rooms. According to many sources, the private hospitals are interested in serving only the rich people. As a result, the public hospitals are over crowded and burdened. The medical staffs in public hospitals are not sufficient for catering to the different requirements of Singaporean patients.

The private hospitals get to charge exorbitant amounts that may not seem costly to the foreigners, but are out of the reach of middle class and lower class Singaporeans. The most qualified doctors and surgeons are working for private hospitals as their aim has shifted to earning money. Medical tourism is giving Singapore’s economy a boost but the government has no right to neglect the healthcare of Singaporeans in favor of foreigners.


Singapore is capable of offering world-class medical facilities but the best of healthcare is reserved for the foreign patients. Singaporeans are not getting sufficient medical care at low cost public hospitals.