Changes in diplomatic relations with Cuba a boost for medical tourism industry

diplomatic relations with Cuba

U.S. President Barrack Obama’s recent announcement of renewing diplomatic ties with Cuba has been widely appreciated by the medical tourism industries in both countries. While Americans find this as an opportunity to start visiting Cuba for medical treatment, the Cubans believe the announcement would boost the economy of the nation’s healthcare system in terms of cost and quality.

Of late, Cuba has been generating a lot of buzz in the global healthcare market owing to its emerging medical tourism industry. The country plays host to thousands of individuals who visit its shores every year for availing affordable medical care as well as treatments that cannot be found back home.

Obama’s announcement has given Americans a reason to rejoice, mainly because they now stand to enjoy the various advantages of seeking medical services in Cuba. These include:

Low cost treatments: Low treatment costs happen to be one of the main reasons why American prefer Cuba for their medical needs. A standard medical procedure that costs thousands of dollars in the U.S. can cost only a quarter of this cost (or lesser) in Cuba.

World class quality: Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems among global medical tourism destinations. In addition to housing world class healthcare facilities, the country’s medical system employs highly skilled doctors, nurses and medical personnel. Most of these doctors would have undergone training in the US and would have several international certifications to their name.

More doctors per capita: Cuba has the highest number of doctors per capita than any other medical tourism destination in the whole world.

No waiting periods: Compared to the U.S. where waiting time for medical procedures can take weeks, months and even years, Cuba offers immediate medical attention for arriving patients which is a boon for patients battling critical illnesses.

Special procedures: Cuba offers a number of unique medical procedures and treatments that are not offered in the U.S. For instance, Americans can easily find a permanent cure for retinitis pigmentosa aka night blindness in Cuba (the treatment is not available in the U.S.)

Tourism: Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Medical tourists flying to Cuba can club their medical treatment with exotic holidays on the island. This would ensure that they get to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday while undergoing treatment.

For now, the Obama administration has chosen to relax only a few of the restrictions related to traveling to Cuba. Medical tourism companies in both countries however, are optimistic about a positive change that would soon break all barriers and allow medical tourists to travel freely between them.


The Obama administration recently relaxed a few travel restrictions to Cuba. Medical tourism companies in both Cuba and U.S. believe that this would soon allow medical tourists to move freely between the two countries, thus boosting Cuba’s existing healthcare industry to global heights.