Can medical tourism help the sustainable development of a particular region


One of the purposes behind putting efforts in the development of an industry is the development of the region where it is being established. In our human world, all sorts of activities and works have some positive and some negative impacts. Understanding the negative and positive impacts of a growing industry will help us in progressing. For sustainable development of a region, an industry should offer more positive impacts than negative ones.

Medical tourism has become a popular industry and many regions of our world are interested in investing in this industry. The question is how good medical tourism industry is for the overall development of a region. Well, like every other industry medical tourism industry too offers both pros and cons to us. It is the responsibility of the participants and members of this industry to reduce the negative impact and increase the positive impact.

For the sustainable growth and prosperity of a region, the medical tourism facilitators and doctors should be more careful about the economical, environmental and social impact of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a branch of tourism and it definitely helps in the growth of nature and cultural tourism. The medical tourism facilitators utilize different natural resources, but if they are not cautious about pollution and indiscriminate usage of natural resources, then there are chance of degradation of surrounding environment.

For the sake of growth and development of the tourism industry, we should be careful about the usage of natural resources. Medical tourism offers great socio-cultural benefits. People travel to new countries and learn about new cultures. It has created thousands of new job opportunities and helped in the growth of individual medical care providers.

Both the medical sector and the tourism sector can progress financially by utilizing the opportunities provided by medical tourism. The special treatment that foreign medical tourists receive can create severe feeling of anger among the natives. The medical tourists have to be taught the importance of respecting the culture of natives of medical tourism destinations.

The medical tourism facilitators should also act more responsibly and try to make the local community a part of the medical tourism industry by creating job opportunities. For environmental sustainability, the medical tourism facilitators should prevent indiscriminate wastage of natural resources and preservation of local biodiversity.


Medical tourism facilitators should try their best to promote financial, social and environmental development through the sustainable growth of medical tourism industry. Using natural resources carefully and respecting local culture is necessary for this.