Best medical tourism destinations worldwide


Medical tourism has seen a remarkable growth over a decade and a half, as people have realized that how beneficial it is travelling to healthcare destinations and enjoys the best of quality and money savings. Following are some of the best medical tourism destinations that the patients should go to in order to seek quality health care overseas. Have a look:

Costa Rica:

The universal healthcare system – “Caja” – in Costa Rica costs a meager amount of $ 30 to $ 90 per person per month. This package covers everything ranging from doctor visits, tests, surgeries to prescription. Affordability is just one aspect of multi benefits that Costa Rica provides in medical tourism. The doctors and al the staff at the hospitals are bilingual, so that patients from almost any country can avail the medical services, as the language does not stand in the way of proper communication. Costa Rica has the ease of access for patients of many countries. The tropics of Costa Rica make it an astounding place where the patients can easily pass their recovery time.


Malaysia has seen a staggering growth in medical tourism in recent years. It offers a wide assortment of medical procedures ranging from cosmetic and cardiac surgeries to dental surgeries at competitive prices. For instance, a cardiac bypass surgery in Malaysia would cost you around $ 7,000. Malaysia is favorable for medical tourists as there are easy exchange rates, literacy rate is high, political and economic stability is there.


India has a reputation of a top provider of high quality treatments at affordable prices. There are many stories of Westerners who travelled to India and got a satisfying treatment at low prices. India is on the track to enhance its share in the medical tourism to $2 billion by the year 2015. India is worldwide famous for its advanced medicines and latest equipments. The language barrier is also minimal in Indian hospitals.


Anybody up for cosmetic surgery? If yes, then Brazil is a sure shot destination to hit. The surgeons in Brazil are highly trained and professional to give you any type of cosmetic surgery you want. Cosmetic surgeries are the most expensive ones to go for. However, if you choose Brazil to undergo cosmetic surgery, you are surely going to save up to 60% of your money that you will never save in other Western countries. Surgeons there are skillful enough to give your dreams a real shape.


Medical tourism is growing by leaps and bounds, as people are moving overseas for quality healthcare at cheaper price. Here are some of the most popular medical tourism destinations.