Asia, the emerging medical hub


Asia is a continent that is known specifically for medical tourism. With the financial graph of the world going downwards, Asia is turning out to be the most happening place in the field of medical tourism. The term “Medical Tourism” means visits from patients of foreign countries to undergo different types of medical treatment at very affordable prices that at the same time meets international standards. Lastly, to add as a bonus, after the treatment is completed, the patients can visit various places of interest as well. This combines treatment as well as vacation and all of these costs comparatively very less, when compared to the treatment taken in a developed country.

The frequented Asian destinations for medical treatment:

  • Thailand: Thailand is the unofficial leader in the list of Asian countries, which provide excellent medical facilities at very genuine prices. Thailand specializes in cosmetic surgeries, obesity etc to name a few. The Joint commission International has accredited the most number of hospitals when compared with other countries.
  • Singapore: Singapore is famous for many things and when we think of shopping, Singapore is the first city that comes to our mind. However, Singapore is equally famous for the excellent medical facilities it provides. Singapore boasts of having medical equipments with state of the art technology. Singapore is famous for transplants of stem cells and organs. To add icing to the cake, Singapore also is the perfect destination for tourists and a must visit place in Asia.
  • India: India is not only famous for its rich and varied cultural heritage but also the high-end infrastructure. In the list of developing nations, India reign amongst the top three and is gradually rising to enter in to the group of developed nations. Gone are the days when India was considered to be a ‘snake charmers’ country. In the field medicine, India has climbed leaps and bounds especially in the field of cardiac surgeries, psychiatric etc to name a few. India also offers to be a happening tourist destination that attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Most of the doctors have completed their studies in developed countries and have opted to work here due the vast demand in this field.


The main advantage the Asian countries possess, when compared to the rest of the developed world, is the availability of excellent facilities that are at par with the developed world and still the cost of treatment is comparatively very low.