All about medical tourism market in Russia

medical tourism market in Russia

Due to the recent changes in Russian Ruble, it has become little difficult for people to avail the benefits of advanced medical procedures in best hospitals of the country. But, there are some medical tourism service providers who offer quality medical tourism packages at excellent prices. This all becomes possible with the government help as the Russian government is supporting the medical tourism sector in the country.

Medical tourism in Russia

The country has many clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, which offer wide range of medical services and procedures to their guests. Municipal owned clinics in the country offer medical treatments at affordable prices. Visitors can get good medical procedures done in municipal clinics and can go for private hospitals and clinics to get excellent surgeries done, without spending much.

Medical tourism in Russia offers procedures like gynecology, urology, orthopedics, Traumatology, neurosurgery, maxilla facial surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures, and general surgeries. People can visit the destination to get the benefits of different medical procedure and improve quality of their life.

Effects of rising medical costs

Rising healthcare costs and long waits for quality medical care are pushing millions of people each year to search for best medical tourism destinations. This has lead to increase the number of medical tourists to the country like Russia. The doctors and medical professionals of the country are able to treat almost all types of ailments. Availability of healthcare technology attracts people from each part of the globe and ensures them about quality and affordable treatment.

Effects of economic crises on medical tourism

Russian economic troubles have affected the economic growth of the country and this is also affecting the healthcare and medical tourism sector of the country. Now Russians are moving out of their country to get their medical treatments done at affordable prices. Medical tourism from Russia is estimated to be more than $1billion per year as more than 70,000 patients from Russia are already travelling abroad to avail inexpensive medical tourism.

Though the medical prices have become expensive in the country as the medicines, medical equipments, and other facilities have become more expensive. People prefer other Asian and European countries for medical treatments rather than Russia. Financial crisis in the country are having a marked negative effect on medical tourism and healthcare sector in Russia.


Changes in the currency of Russia are affecting the growth of medical tourism sector in the country. Rising costs in the country have encouraged people to consider other destinations for medical treatment.