Abortions and their relation to interstate medical tourism


Traveling for medical purposes has gained immense popularity these days. The focus of medical tourism has traditionally been on crossing borders for medical treatments or international medical tourism. Though, interstate medical tourism is a part of this sector, most people prefer crossing international boundaries to avail medical treatments.

The legalization of procedures like abortions in several countries had promoted an unprecedented wave of interstate medical tourism. Few years ago, abortions were illegal in America but now, states like New York and California have become the epicenter of medical services like abortions. Several women are receiving care in New York, even as residents of another state.

These states have become popular with women from nearby New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. New York and California welcome about 71,000 women from across the nation and from other countries like Canada.

Why women prefer New York and California for medical procedures?       

Women across the nation prefer New York and California for medical treatments, which include procedures like abortions. The main reason behind this is cheap travel expenses, quality care, flexible laws regarding abortions, and other facilities.

Cheap travel expenses

Cheap travel expenses offer an opportunity to people who cannot afford medical vacation to other countries. They can avail the benefits of interstate medical tourism. Women can visit the destination by airplane, car, train, and bus. They can make their trip in weekends and enjoy their short medical tour.

Quality care

Interstate medical tourism destinations offer great medical care packages to their guests in top class hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Receiving medical care close to home has multiple benefits. Woman receiving interstate medical care can easily see her treating doctor in case of any medical complication. It is easy to provide follow-up care to the patient in interstate medical tourism.

Flexible laws regarding abortions

Flexible laws regarding abortions helps women to abbot their unwanted pregnancy. Legalization of abortion in California and New York has provided an opportunity to women who cannot terminate their pregnancy due to the laws of their hometown.

Other facilities

Today, thousands of USA women made trips to get safe abortion care in medical tourism destinations like California and New York. Interstate medical tourism facility providers not only provide cheap yet quality medical care to patients, also offer other medical tourism facilities like food, lodging, preoperative, and post operative care.


Interstate medical tourism is becoming popular in the USA, as it has provided an opportunity to women to have a safe abortion. This helps them to terminate their pregnancy in excellent nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals.