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How do I find a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

TIt is important to carefully select your medical tourism facilitator. There are quality medical tourism facilitators that have the experience, operations and knowledge to help connect you to top doctors and hospitals and assist you throughout the whole process. MedicalTourism.com highly advises to not just work with any medical tourism facilitator. Anyone can create a website today, and some medical tourism facilitators are emerging who have no experience and should not be involved with medical tourism patient care. There also have been reports of medical tourism facilitators stealing money from medical tourism patients and some facilitators who send medical tourism patients to hospitals that are not quality or doctors who provide bad outcomes. We recommend that medical tourism patients first step is checking with the Medical Tourism Association,www.medicaltourismassociation.com , a non-profit association that has members who are medical tourism facilitators. At the time of writing this guide we understand that the Medical Tourism Association was launching a “medical tourism facilitator certification” program.