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250-bed hospital to come up in Thanjavur by April

Author : Shastry V. Mallady

  Published: July 11, 2011    Bookmark and Share   


A 250-bed multi-speciality hospital is coming up in Thanjavur promising affordable, reliable and quality medical treatment to the people in that region.

S. Gurushankar, Vice-Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre (MMHRC) here, has taken up the Thanjavur hospital project in his ‘individual capacity' where he assures that corporate standards and getting experienced consultants are being given prime importance.

“Right now, we have found that people in and around Thanjavur are travelling to Chennai for treatment. It involves a lot of expenses and travel time. Our hospital (yet to be named) will bridge the gap in healthcare for those people and it comes at an affordable cost,” Dr. Gurushankar told “The Hindu” recently on the topic of medical tourism potential in Madurai region.

The name for Thanjavur hospital will be decided in due course of time but it will carry the ‘Meenakshi' brand in it.

According to him, there are a lot of patients in Thanjavur-Mannargudi-Pattukottai area looking for a well-equipped hospital where important specialities would be available under one roof.

“That quality treatment shall come at a fraction of cost in a few months from now. We are planning to open the new hospital in Thanjavur in April, 2012,” Dr. Gurushankar informed. Initially, the hospital will have focus on cardiology, cardiothoracic, accident emergency, orthopaedics, neurology, and nephrology specialities among things. Subsequently, more specialised departments would be added.

Specialists identified

The hospital construction which involves a huge investment is going on right now. “We have already identified specialists/consultants who are currently practising in Chennai and they are likely to join us in our Thanjavur hospital when it is operational,” he said.

Dr. Gurushankar, who is playing an active role in the healthcare panel of the Confederation of India Industry-Madurai Zone, had emphasised that lot of attention was given to the hospital buildings' design to make sure that there was no ‘wastage of space'.

This new hospital is located opposite to the new bus stand in Thanjavur

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