The image of the US as medical destination after healthcare reforms


In the present world, in the list of man’s priorities, after finance comes health. Health is a very important aspect but in the earlier stages of life, we do not give it much importance but as we gradually grow old, it becomes out to most priority. Every country has their own health care program and the US is not to different from the other countries.

Obama Care:

The US healthcare system, which commonly is known as Obama care, promises to ensure nearly 30 million people are insured by the year 2014. Due to high rising costs and due to complexities in the functioning of the government, the healthcare system in the US seems to be less of a boon. However, the intention of the healthcare system was to enhance the availability of medical facilities to as far as possible to all citizens but practically it is turning out to be a bane.

Financial Advantage:

There was a time when people from developing countries used to flock to the US for medical treatment. However, the existing practices, cost of medical treatment, medical insurance and other miscellaneous expenditures are burning a big hole in the pockets of these people. In the field of medical treatment, it is clearly felt that the cost of treatment in the US is clearly very high as compared to other third world countries. For example, an excellent super specialty hospital in India could charge you $15,000 and the same procedure would cost $60,000 in the US. Therefore, patients prefer to travel across the globe and get them treated.

Quality & Facilities:

Long ago, there was a notion that only US could offer better facilities and amenities for the patients. In the past few years, this misconception has changed and it is clearly seen that a vast number of patients prefer travelling to the third world countries where excellent medical treatment facilities exist. Singapore is a fast growing hub in the field of medical treatment; it is also one most developed country in Asia.

Singapore provides good treatment facilities, amenities and pre & post-medical support, and has the latest medical equipments that can be comparable to any excellent facility. All of this comes at a very less price when compared to that provided by the US or for that matter, any developed country. For example, a breast implant in Thailand would cost you around $4000 that includes treatment, hospital charges, boarding and lodging charges, food and accommodation for the attendant and other miscellaneous charges and the same implant in the US would have charged more than $10,000.