The disadvantages of medical tourism that we often overlook


Medical tourism has become immensely popular throughout the world. It helps the patients from developing countries travel to developing countries for getting inexpensive medical treatments and surgeries. Apparently, medical tourism does not seem to have any cons and both patients and medical tourism facilitators are on the winning side.

If you delve deeper and think more, then you will notice that this trend has some serious disadvantages. The first and foremost point of concern is the quality of medical treatments that you will get at unbelievably low prices. Compromising your health just for saving a couple of thousand bucks is not a good idea. Individuals interested in medical tourism should weigh both the pros and cons of this industry before traveling offshore or taking an adventurous step towards medical tourism.

Millions of American citizens travel to different famous medical tourism destinations like India, Thailand, Malaysia and Costa Rica every year. This has definitely started affecting the traditional medical industry of the US. The reason behind this is the high price of medical facilities in the US.

The patients have to wait in queue for a long time before they can get the appointment of a surgeon or specialist. The tests for diagnosing an ailment also take weeks to be completed. Price hike and long waiting periods have made the citizens impatient. They now prefer medical tourism because it offers huge discounts on medical costs and facilities like zero waiting time, food and accommodation.

The medical tourism facilitators are also luring foreign patients with the hope of visiting exotic places during their stay in a developing country. The medical community and public health experts of US are concerned about the aftermath of outsourcing medical services. The patients may get a host of different lucrative facilities but they have no idea exactly how well qualified the doctors are or how pure the blood of the blood banks is.

The US maintains high standards of quality to provide best services to the patients. The standard of medical facilities may not be as high in the developing countries. The health experts have also expressed their doubt about the accreditation of the offshore medical tourism facilitators.


Medical tourism has both advantages and disadvantages. People interested in medical tourism should carefully consider the risks involved in the entire process. Be cautious and make well-informed choices when it’s your health in question.