Surgeon in the USA is drawing medical tourists by offering discounted surgery

USA discounted surgery

Medical tourism is a multi billion dollar industry but its characteristics vary from one country to another. Some countries have transformed themselves into the top most medical tourism destinations and others are just supplying patients. Not so surprisingly, it is the developed countries that are losing out in the battle called medical tourism. Developing countries like Costa Rica, Thailand, Singapore and India are way ahead of the competition as they offer surgical facilities for much less. However, a new trend is on the rise that may turn around the game a little. Americans are traveling within US for getting surgeries…

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Going with domestic medical tourism as a money saver

Money saver domestic medical tourism

Medical tourism is a term associated with traveling to another destination for medical treatments. Many individuals around the world are increasingly opting for medical tourism in a bid to get access to treatments at just a fraction of what they would cost back home. Some even travel overseas to avail treatments that are either not available or are banned in their own countries. The prospect of clubbing the medical treatments with a holiday in an exotic location also appeals to many individuals who travel overseas for the same purpose. Over the past few years though, a lot of importance is…

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