Save and then save some more with medical tourism


The reason medical tourism has become popular in the world is because of the low cost of medical treatment offered by some countries. The question is whether it is legitimate and safe. The argument put forward by some people is that medical tourism is not a safe option. Well, the medical tourism industry is no different from the tourism industry and the packages that medical tourism agencies offer are just as legitimate as the packages offered by normal tourism agencies.

The point is that medical tourism may not be an accepted reason why a person is travelling from one country to another and even the visa might be only a tourist visa, but that should not deter anyone choosing what is best for himself and his health. If someone’s own country cannot provide the medical facilities it ought to, the person has a right to look elsewhere for options and for alternatives.

Coming back to the problem of rising costs of medical treatment, medical tourism offers people a chance to a new life in a fraction of their initial cost of treatment. An example would be to say that a knee replacement surgery in America would set you back by $40,000 but the same surgery in India could cost you around $10,000. Americans now have places close to home to where they can travel and receive treatment that is less than the treatment costs in America. Places like Costa Rica and Columbia offer medical facilities that are identical to medical facilities provided by major hospitals in America. In fact, several of the doctors there are trained in American medical institutions and are well versed in specialized medical procedures that even US doctors may not perform. Columbia is fast rising as a cosmetic surgery capital for medical tourism. They offer packages which compared to packages in America are cheap and totally worth the travel because of the Columbian coffee and the experience.

Of course, Asian countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are the leaders in medical tourism for the facilities they provide and the prices at which they offer the facilities. They are completely safe countries from which you can receive alternative treatment such as some specialized medical procedures, cosmetic surgeries and even fertility treatment. In fact, countries like Barbados are also becoming common names in the medical tourism industry for their facilities and prices.


As the governments invest in medicine to promote medical tourism, the prices of treatment for foreign travelers will decrease giving more fuel to the already growing medical tourism industry.