Poverty stricken countries offering quality medical tourism facilities


One thing that often bothers medical tourists is the fact that many of the medical tourism destinations are not financially stable. Some of them are in an acute state of national poverty. Despite of being poverty stricken these countries offer extremely luxurious medical tourism facilities to the foreign patients.

Many people and organizations are questioning the ethics of these countries because they are unable to offer similar medical care to their own country people. The truth is that the third world countries are offering high quality medical facilities to the foreign patients for earning huge revenues with which they will stabilize their economy. The revenues they earn from the medical tourism industry are utilized for the development of their infrastructure and the improvement of the lifestyle of their citizens.

Thailand and India are two of the many developing third world countries that are catering to the needs of foreign medical patients. They are utilizing the profit earned from medical tourism industry in developing their medical care infrastructure and giving better life to the poverty-stricken sections of the populace. The developing countries have realized early that the western countries are unable to provide good quality medical facilities in time to the large number of patients.

The citizens of developed countries have to wait for 3 to 4 months before they can consult a medical specialist. The waiting time for getting medical tests done also spans over several weeks in USA, UK and Canada. The patients then wait for another few weeks before they get the test results in their hands. The operations are not scheduled before a month or so.

Delayed medical services and their high cost have made the citizens of these countries frustrated. The developing nations like India and Thailand do not make the medical tourists wait for getting medical facilities. The treatments are started as soon as the patient arrives. Every year there is 20% growth in the medical tourism industry. It has huge potential in terms of growth and revenue earnings.

The developing nations are also becoming popular medical tourism destination because of the vacationing opportunity that they offer. Many people are unable to take prolonged breaks from work and never get to enjoy a vacation. Medical tourism is a chance for them to get away from work and enjoy a relaxing vacation at an exotic locale. They visit the best tourist spots at the destination, while availing quality healthcare services.


Poverty stricken countries are offering medical tourism facilities for earning revenues. They try to utilize the revenues for the development of their country.