Panama: An economical and exciting place for tourists


Blessed with natural beauty, Panama has almost every feature of a tourist destination that could give it all the reasons to put a hefty price tag on it. Unfortunately it is just not so. Since Panama has just started to promote itself as a tourist destination, visiting the place is comparatively affordable. The Economist has just declared Panama as one of the ten least expensive and economical places to visit.

Safe and tourist friendly place

Panama is one of the safest countries in the world, and that could be one of the reasons tourists like to visit it. You do not have to be guard for pickpockets and snatchers. Panama is a tourist friendly place that freely uses the US Dollar. The fact that they use US currency there in Panama means that you do not have to calculate after buying little things. Panama has an infrastructure that is equipped according to the preferences of the tourist coming from all over the world. Tourists also want to visit a place with the facilities they enjoy in their own country. The highway, infrastructure, business and telecommunication services are excellent and up to the mark.

Sneak a look into the nature

If you are a nature lover Panama is the place to visit. A famous local saying goes “in other places, you have 20 people looking at one bird, and in panama you have one person looking at 20 birds.” In Panama you can find 944 bird species, double the number of those you could find in Canada and US put together.

Medical tourism in Panama

In Panama, medical professionals are well trained, well equipped and bilingual and above all, Panama is easy to reach. The cost of medical services has increased in the USA, that is why the natives are trying to get medical treatment overseas, and Panama has become one of the first choices for the medical tourists. A dollar-based economy and excellent medical amenities attract medical tourists to Panama.


Panama has a variety of attractions, exotic rainforests and fascinating mountains to offer to the tourists. Any other tourist place could hardy match Panama as far as the varieties of tourist attractions are concerned. In the lap of the nature, and surrounded by beaches and sand, Panama is first among the lists of all tourists places. Fifteen hundred islands on both, the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, historical sites, and a non-stop nightlife for the youngsters. What else could anybody ask for?