New Zealand emerging as medical tourism destination


Medical tourism is one of the most happening businesses in the present world scenario. As days go by, it is felt the human dependency on the field of ‘Medicine’ is increasing. Human have become so sensitive that even a cough/cold would ring alarm bells and the patient feels that he/she is suffering from some serious illness. This type of phenomenon is more predominantly seen in developed countries. In the presence of such high demand for medical treatment and the strict health care norms, certain developed countries have, resulted in the rapid increase of prices of medical treatment.

New Zealand is a most sought destination for tourists who seek a serene atmosphere without any pollution. New Zealand is a country with vast opportunities and natural virgin habitation. The specialty of this country and the facilities provided by it has given birth to medical tourism. New Zealand provides state of the art medical facilities that easily are comparable to some of the best in the business and at the same time, the cost of treatment is very low as compared to that of the other developed countries.

Medical Facilities in New Zealand

Even though New Zealand is very famous for its flora, fauna and virgin beaches, its top-notch hospitals are in no ways inferior to that of the developed nations. All the Hospitals have well trained staff, most of whom have been trained in the US and Europe and hence are in sync with the latest feature with respect to the field of medicine. English is freely spoken across the country and hence will encourage all types of patients to avail the treatment facilities without and hindrance.

Popular Treatments

New Zealand is a popular destination for patients seeking treatments for Heart & Orthapaedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, Infertility treatment, Kidney transplant and Gynaecological treatments. Hospitals in New Zealand have the latest equipments and the doctors are up to date with all the latest medical procedures.

Financial Advantage

One New Zealand dollar equals to 0.83 US Dollar wherein the difference is negligible. Therefore, patients seeking treatment in New Zealand end up saving close to 55% of their money, which includes accommodation, treatment, food, transportation and other miscellaneous charges.  For example, a simple open-heart surgery that approximately costs $65,000 is likely to cost $20,000 that is inclusive of all associated miscellaneous charges. New Zealand is considered to be one of the safest places in the world and the best thing is that it is connected to almost all major cities by air.